To advocate for and support the quality of early childhood education and development beginning at birth and continuing through kindergarten.



Across the nation there is a growing awareness that learning begins when a child is born. The Wallingford Early Childhood Alliance Resource and Education - WE CARE project is a not-for-profit group dedicated to young children and their families in our community. WE CARE came together with the help of a grant from the William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund - GMF which asked communities across Connecticut to ‘’Discover” what needed to happen in order to prepare children for the future.  Since 2003 the Discovery project in Wallingford CT has successfully brought together people to pave the way for all children to be healthy, safe, loved and successful.


About us

WE CARE was created with the acceptance of a Discovery Grant from the GMF in 2002. The initial focus was to challenge each community to 'discover' what was needed in their town to improve early education and development for children ages birth to 8. With funds from the local League of Women's Voters, a Community Conversation was held in March of 2003 to ask and to listen to the town. Representatives from town departments, social service providers, educators and parents spent several hours sharing their thoughts and suggestions. The parents in the group asked for help on two fronts. They wanted a directory of services that would identify the people and places they could access for information on family services and education for parents with young children. The second item that was important for them was a place for parents and children in the early years - birth to 5 to come together.
The WE CARE volunteer team made up of parents, teachers, town officials and early child care providers began to work on meeting the identified needs and in 2004 the first playgroup was launched - The Playful Cruisers.